Moisture Mitigation

Custom Coatings offers a permanent moisture control coating in the form of an environmentally safe, non-flammable, penetrating liquid which is non-toxic, with zero VOC.


This coating readily penetrates deep into concrete, and subsequently forms an insoluble unique 100% solids contaminant barrier, as it reacts with un-hydrated cement (free alkali) within the concrete slab. This 100% solids integral contaminant barrier contains its very own microscopic pore network, uniquely, and effectively, mimicking the pouring of concrete within concrete.


  • Diminishes permeability by as much as 97%
  • Integrally waterproofs concrete, including internal migration
  • An effective and immediate halt to contaminant ingress
  • Significantly and immediately increases concrete's density
  • Increases and reinforces concrete's compression and flexural strengths
  • Protects against acid and calcium chloride contamination and damage
  • Virtually eliminates water or gas vapor emissions
  • Effectively halts & prevents alkali-silicate reactions (ASR)
  • Eliminates dusting potential for new or old concrete
  • Provides significant additional surface abrasion resistance
  • Provides increased surface bond quality
  • Does not alter traction quality

This coating does not adversely affect the visual appearance of concrete, its physical characteristics, its surface tension quality, or its surface bond quality, which means it can effectively be used to enhance any cement concrete installation, whether traffic-bearing or not.