Waterproofing is available as a flexible polyurethane rubberized membrane coating system for basements floors and walls, pools, roofs, animal enclosures, fountains, foundation repairs and more. 

  • 99% effective at preventing harmful radon gas from entering foundations 
  • No exterior excavation needed
  • No jackhammering the edges of the concrete floor or adding sump pumps
  • Optional decorative epoxy floor systems can be incorporated with the waterproofing system to create a seamless, dry, comfortable, colorful, unique look 
  • Heat exposure to 250 degrees F
  • Environmentally safe, solvent free, non- flammable and low voc.
  • Durability = 2030 psi tensile strength 
  • Retains ground water pressure 20- 30 psi/per.
  • Never hardens or becomes brittle
  • Freeze- thaw cycle tested and approved
  • Maintains flexibility & never becomes brittle or hard over time
  • Elongation = 500%
  • For both interior and exterior surfaces